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Two dozen protesters from a gun club named after the founder of the Black Panther Party marched through the streets of South Dallas on Wednesday.
The open-carry rally was organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to promote self-defense and community policing in response to recent police shootings.
Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators, some of whom had rifles slung over their shoulders. As they walked down MLK Boulevard, many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager shot by police in suburban St. Louis.
At one point, the group stopped at Elaine’s Kitchen, and one of the organizers told those who were armed to display their weapons in a “safe, disciplined manner.”
An organizer who identified himself as Huey Freeman said they planned to patronize several South Dallas businesses to keep their money in the community and teach their neighbors about their “right to self-defense.”

I love Black militants. :)



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I have tears in my eyes.

Like I don’t even think you guys understand the magnitude of this tweet. The sheer humanity of this, they are dying over there. No they are being SLAUGHTERED but they have the ability to still think to help people they have never met, people they will never meet. They understand what the people in Ferguson are going through, they see it because they are going through it too.

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